Hello! My name is Alex Hartz and I’m a self proclaimed shopahalic, lover of color and pattern, and full blown design geek. I grew up wearing a uniform to school for my entire K-12 education and would get super jazzed about “dress-down” days – I’ve always loved putting together an outfit. Fashion is more to me than JUST clothes – it’s an idea, a statement, an artpiece, a conversation starter and I think there’s something inpsiring about how we create LIFE in our clothes – dressing for a special occasion, wearing cute comfies for a movie night in with a special someone, or even just a casual (or extra, if you’re like me) outfit for brunch with your besties. This will be a space where I share the trends I’m loving, the things I’m wearing, the paintings I’m painting, and maybe one day (dreaming and saving), the interiors I’m desiging. From one fashion and design enthusiast to the next, I’m happy you’re here!